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Bass fishing tournaments in Sunset Country
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Major Bass Tournaments Each Year in Ontario's Sunset Country

If we are known for tournament fishing then it's definitely our major bass tournaments which give s our fame. Sunset Country has many bass tournaments with the two largest and most famous being the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and the Kenora Bass International. But the tourneys don't stop there! Sioux Narrows, Shoal Lake and sever other communities in the region all hold a bass tournament so if competitive bass fishing is something you like to do, then Sunset Country is an ideal choice.

Shoal Lake Bass Classic - 1st weekend in July
Held on Shoal Lake, Ontario. This is the best fishery in the region with schools of smallmouths that have never seen a lure before. Smallmouths usually win this tournament, but big largemouths can be a factor. The winning weight for this two day tournament is usually in the 32-34 pound range. For more information, contact Gerald Lewis at 807-733-2560 or 807-466-8408.

English River Bass Challenge - Mid July
Tournament held on the English River System in Grassy Narrows, Ontario. It is a First Nation sponsored bass tournament on the mighty English River in Northwestern Ontario. For more information, contact Rodney Castles or Robert Swain at 807-925-1010 or 807-925-1051.

Kenora Bronzeback Classic - Mid to end of July
Join in the annual friends and family Bronzeback Classic. First 100 boats paid. 100% pay out on entries.

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship - 3rd week in July
This is Canada's Largest Live Release Cash Bass Tournament, with a total of $80,000 in cash prizes. With a $20,000 first prize, this event on Rainy Lake attracts many of the best bass fishermen from all over North America. In 2015 Steve Sandberg and Scott Sandberg from Minnesota took top place. The winning weight for this three day event is usually in the 55-57 pound range. The tournament first ran in 1995 and has been growing in size and fame ever since. For more information, leave a message at 807-274-0316 or call the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-820-3678.

Kenora Bass International (KBI) - 2nd week in August
This event on Lake of the Woods offers a $30,000 first prize. Anglers here have the opportunity to fish for largemouths or smallmouths. Largemouths have won the tournament more than smallmouths over the last few years. If the water is high, largies will win, if it is low, smallmouths will be more of a factor. The winning weight for this three day event will usually be in the 45-50 pound range.

English River Bass/Walleye Tournament - Mid August
Don't miss out, come and join us for a weekend of bass and walleye fishing, Day 1,-5 bass, Day 2,-5 walleye only 1 over 18 inches, Total weight of both day wins. Located at Grassy Narrows on the English River body of Water. For more information contact Rodney Castle 807-925-1010, Robert Swain 807-925-2118/468-9859 or Rudy Turtle 807-925-2662.

Atikokan Bass Classic - Mid August
The Atikokan Bass Classic is better known as “the funnest bass tourney in the Northwest”. This 110 team competition fills up fast. The tournament is a two full days of bass fishing on Marmion Lake, with banquet supper and boat parade. Prizes include $10,000 for first place, with a total of over $37,000 to the top 10. With a whole week of events, Atikokan is the place to be come mid-August. With live bands, beer gardens, scavenger hunts, and much more, we say “ bring the whole family, make a weekend out of it”. For info on this year’s Bass Classic, contact the  headquarters at 807-597-2757, or check us out on the web at www.atikokanbassclassic.com

Morson Bass International - last weekend in August
This two day fishing tournament takes place at the Morson Government dock under the "big tent" and has a 100% + payback for participating anglers. The community event which originated in 2005 includes a golf tournament and also a free kid’s fishing tournament on Sunday.

Perch Lake Bass Challenge A family-oriented bass tournament held in early September on the Seine Chain of Lakes near Atikokan. Tournament Information Contact: John Homer, Tournament President - info@perchlakebass.com

Bassin for Bucks - 2nd weekend in September
This three day event in Sioux Narrows has a different format than the rest of the events we get to fish. Instead of just giving out prizes at the end of the tournament, organizers at this event give out prizes after each day of fishing as well. They also have a separate prize category for kids making it a popular father/son event. Fishing in Sioux Narrows is hot at the beginning of September; just ask Joe Pritchett and Hiram Archibald who brought in a 21.5 pound bag in 2003. The winning weight for this tournament is usually in the 48 pound range, but it could go higher if the big Whitefish Bay largemouths bite.

Robert Ottertail Jr. Memorial Bass Tournament - Mid September
Held on Nequaquon Lake, Lac La Croix. For more information contact lesley@laclacroixfirstnation.com

Crow Lake Classic - Mid September
Local fishing tournament on beautiful Crow (Kakagi) Lake, near the resort community of Nestor Falls, Ontario For more information contact the Angler's Pro Shop at 807-484-2525.

Last Chance Bass - 3rd week in September
This Fall bass fishing tournament is sponsored by the Shoal Lake band on Shoal Lake in Northwestern Ontario near Kenora. For more information, contact Randy Paishk or Vern Fair at 807-733-3940 or 807-733-3191.

Dogpaw/Caviar Lake Annual Bass Challenge - End September/Beginning of October
Location: Dogpaw/Caviar/Flint Lakes - 8 minutes east of Sioux Narrows, Ontario.
Fee: $350.00 per team
Contact: Dennis Mandamin - 807-226-1103, Calvin Joseph - 807-468-2334, Daniel Kelly - 807-226-9569 or email: kickn_bass5@hotmail.com

Other Fishing Tournaments and Derby's LOWS Annual Live Release Fish Tournament - Beginning of February
For those winter fisherman who love the thrill of ice fishing,come to Morson for their catch and release Ice Fishing Tournament on Lake of the Woods. For more information contact: Sheila Gates at 807-488-5733.

Stratton Fish Derby - Saturday of Opener
Don't miss out, come and join us for a fun filled day of Family Fishing on the Rainy River body of Water and end the day with a potluck supper at Morley park. For more information contact Colleen Jolicouer - 807-483-5330

Agimak Lake Fishing Tournament - Second Weekend in July
Get the whole family out for a fun day of fishing on Agimak Lake in the Ignace area as part of this free fishing weekend (you can fish without a licence). Up to $1,000 in prizes are available to be won (pending registrations). Registration is $15 in advance, $20 the day of the derby. For more information contact Kathy at 807-934-2202.

If you're not signed up for any of these fishing events, you're missing out on a great time. If you're not that interested in fishing, come on down and check out the exciting weigh-ins. If you like walleye fishing visit our webpage for Canada Walleye Fishing Tournaments

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